Friday, November 22, 2013

Dubai Fish Market 2010

I found some photos from Dubai fish market today on one of my old USB flash drives. Messy. I am wondering how much of fighting did those sharks had to put through before death. It's a cruel world but that's how it is.

Dead sharks in Dubai fish market

Dubai fish market

Friday, November 1, 2013

Upgrading old and slow PC with a new Solid-state drive (SSD)

If you think your PC's bottleneck is hard drive, then you might consider upgrading it with Solid-state drive (SSD).

My PC was getting slower and slower every day. Especially when I was playing demanding video games. So I decided, I'll upgrade my PC with faster hard drive. These days they are cheap and affordable. Besides conventional mechanical hard drives, good options are also Solid-state drives (SSDs) and hybrids.

SSD is a ultra fast data storage device using integrated circuit assemblies as memory to store data persistentlyThey came mostly at 1$/GB price/size ratio. Of course you can get even better deals. My first choice was Samsung 840 EVO 128GB SSD at price of around 94€. It was my number one choice, until I saw OCZ Vertex 450 128GB at price of 102€. 

Hybrid is a mixture between conventional hard disk and small SSD. For example: 1000 + 8 GB hybrid has 1000GB of conventional hard drive plus 8GB SSD. You install your OS on SSD part, remaining 1000GB of conventional storage is for data.

My goal is to have really fast running Windows which in either case have to be installed on SSD.

My final choice is Vertex 450 128GB (bought it on European retailer) . It has really fast 530MB reading and 290MB writing speeds, so it is much faster than Samsung's 840 EVO. Plus, OCZ's are known for their reliability and a lot of reviewers are using them in their workstations.

If you are aiming at high end SSDs, you can grab 256 or 512GB version of Vertex 450 SSDs, which came with very high 530MB writing speed.